Let The Journey Begin!!!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cheryl and the purpose of this blog is several fold.

  1. To explain how a ketogenic diet can be a useful, and healthy weight loss tool, and the many important aspects of how it can be helpful.
  2. Help those who have had weight loss surgery.
  3. Share my journey of becoming a zumba instructor.

You might be asking yourself, does this writer have a short attention span? Is she unable to attend to one subject? How do all these purposes connect?

It is very simple, I had a duodenal switch 6/5/2013 and have discovered the ketogenic diet as a way to keep the weight off as well as a way to lose the extra pounds that seem to find me. My journey of becoming a zumba instructor is another way of staying accountable, I love to dance, and I love helping others at the same time.

Am I an expert at the above topics? Far from it, I am constantly doing research and gleaning from others much more knowledgeable than I, which is why I call this a journey. I am hoping through my many flaws that I am able to help those who need it, while still learning myself. I would love to learn about your ideas out there and how you are coping with the ketogenic lifestyle as well. Life is a journey, let’s learn, explore and grow together!!

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