Never Give Up!!!!

So many times our dreams and goals are held up by our own fears and shortcomings! We try to blame outside issues and problems, but in reality, our biggest problem is the “Man In the Mirror!” I encourage all of us to get out of our own way and to take A necessary step forward, no matter how small, just take one today! The document, visualize, plan, and prepare to make 2019 a very special year! I am over here doing the same.

Time is Ticking

I don’t know if you have noticed but the clock is ticking. Time just doesn’t seem to wait regardless of your situation. I remember being a 5- year old girl with dreams and aspirations! I am now 50 and I have dreams and aspirations, still! I worry that time that I have wasted will be in vain, however, I hear that still small voice that lets me know that it was not wasted time if I learned something from the situation. It is because of all those wrong turns that allow me to look at almost anyone and be able to identify with how they got caught up in some nonsense. I have also learned that regrets and guilt will not help me to be a better person, nor will I get points for self-flagellation. So I have come to a conclusion. Make moves, or make excuses. I have decided to make some moves. I have signed up for healthy wage, which will motivate me to lose the extra pounds that have attached themselves to me, I will take 2 zumba classes a week and do cardio daily until I can restart weight lifting. I had a hernia repair on 2/19/19. I am just starting to feel human. Next month, I will start doing choreography so I can teach my own classes. My diet will be strictly ketogenic. This will begin tomorrow and I will report back in a few days.

My question to you is, what is it that you would like to accomplish this month? Let’s start with that, don’t worry about 5 years right now. That will come but share with me some of your goals for this month and let’s help each other stay on track! Anyone with me?

Let The Journey Begin!!!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cheryl and the purpose of this blog is several fold.

  1. To explain how a ketogenic diet can be a useful, and healthy weight loss tool, and the many important aspects of how it can be helpful.
  2. Help those who have had weight loss surgery.
  3. Share my journey of becoming a zumba instructor.

You might be asking yourself, does this writer have a short attention span? Is she unable to attend to one subject? How do all these purposes connect?

It is very simple, I had a duodenal switch 6/5/2013 and have discovered the ketogenic diet as a way to keep the weight off as well as a way to lose the extra pounds that seem to find me. My journey of becoming a zumba instructor is another way of staying accountable, I love to dance, and I love helping others at the same time.

Am I an expert at the above topics? Far from it, I am constantly doing research and gleaning from others much more knowledgeable than I, which is why I call this a journey. I am hoping through my many flaws that I am able to help those who need it, while still learning myself. I would love to learn about your ideas out there and how you are coping with the ketogenic lifestyle as well. Life is a journey, let’s learn, explore and grow together!!